At Harvey and Thomas Orthodontics, we believe every smile tells a story. We also believe that having a great smile, a Harvey and Thomas Orthodontics Smile, can help make that story the best it can be. A healthy, beautiful smile can change how you feel on the inside, and when thatʼs reflected on the outside, the impact can be life changing. No matter where you are on life’s journey, it’s never too late to improve your smile with braces or Invisalign®. We are also now proudly an Invisalign® Premier Provider!

We offer all the latest innovations in orthodontic treatment, from The Damon System metal and clear braces to Invisalign aligners, so you can have the look you want during treatment and still be done with treatment faster and more comfortably than ever before. And while others may still use headgear, expanders, and unattractive braces, you won’t find them here. Call today for a complimentary consultation and get started on the path to a beautiful smile and . . . an amazing story!

Your Smile Tells Your Story

Your smile is kind of a big deal, and we're dedicated to making it amazing so your story can be even more amazing.

About Us

Can you imagine what life would be like if you spent every day focusing on making people smile? Pretty awesome! And here’s the amazing thing! We know exactly what that’s like here at Harvey & Thomas Orthodontics – because we’re focused on smiles every day. Our patients tell us they can see how much we love what we do – and that it makes coming to our office fun for kids and relaxing for adults. If you’re already a part of our extended family of patients we hope that’s exactly how you feel. If you’ve never been in for a visit, we hope we’ll see you soon.

  • Our Offices

    Two Locations – Ready to Make You Smile


    In 2015, Harvey and Thomas opened another location to make it even more convenient for children, teens and adults in Mobile seeking a beautiful, healthy smile through orthodontics. The latest technology for patient care has always been a hallmark of our practice and continues to be a large part of treatment at both locations.


    Just six miles west, our University Boulevard office (pictured left) is located in University Professional Park, across from St. Luke’s Episcopal Middle and Upper Schools. Publix grocery store is exactly one mile north of our practice at the intersection of University and Airport Boulevards and Walmart Neighborhood Market is south of us at Cottage Hill and University.

    If you are scheduling a new patient appointment, let us know which office is most convenient for you, and we’ll see you there! An advantage of our cloud-based patient management system is that you are not tied to one location for all your appointments; you are welcome to schedule at either office for any of your appointments.

    Our Mobile Street office (pictured right) is conveniently located between Old Shell Road and Dauphin Street just minutes off I- 65 in the UMS-Wright School neighborhood. We’re 3/4 of a mile away from Sage Park and 1/2 mile east of the Mobile Gas building.

  • Meet The Team


    Meet Our Team

    We recognize that all of our patients are unique and deserve to receive orthodontic care that reflects their individual needs.

    Our team is an integrated, specialized group of professionals that have been specifically selected and trained for their individual talent, as well as their ability to be effective team members and compassionate care providers. In terms of commitment and experience, we believe we have assembled one of the best teams around.

    But don’t take our word for it; come in and meet everyone!

    We’d love to welcome you to our practice.


  • Meet Your Doctors


    W. Keith Harvey, DMD

    Dr. Harvey is a board certified orthodontist and graduate of the University of Alabama and an avid Crimson Tide fan. After receiving his dental degree from the University of Alabama School ofDr.-Harvey Dentistry in 1984, he attended the Louisiana State University School of Dentistry, completing his orthodontic residency program in June 1986.

    In addition to his academic qualifications, Dr. Harvey takes an active role in meeting and exceeding the standards of his profession. He is an active member of the Cleft Palate Team in Southwest Alabama where he and Dr. Thomas serve as their only orthodontists. He has treated hundreds of patients with cleft lip/palate and other dentofacial deformities. Dr. Harvey is a part-time faculty member of the Orthodontic department at the UAB School of Dentistry.

    Dr. Harvey, his wife, Ashley, and their four sons, William, Reid, Drew and Dex, enjoy many outdoor activities together as a family.

    Dr. Harvey was thrilled to be able to welcome Dr. Carter Thomas back home to Mobile and into the practice as his partner.


    B. Carter Thomas, DMD

    Dr. Thomas is a board certified orthodontist, having achieved the highest level of certification available in orthodontics. Mobile is his hometown and he moved here with his wife, Amelia, after completing his orthodontic residency at Tufts University in Boston, MA. Dr. Thomas is a graduate of St. Paul’s Episcopal School and graduated from Auburn University with a B.S. in Biomedical Sciences. He earned his dental degree from the University of AlabamaCarter-Thomas School of Dentistry and then went on to complete his specialty training in pediatric dentistry in Birmingham at UAB and Children’s Hospital of Alabama.

    In addition to his board certification in orthodontics, he has also successfully completed written board examinations for pediatric dentistry. This dual specialty training gives him a high level of understanding of the needs of children.

    When Dr. Thomas isn’t creating beautiful smiles, he loves spending time with Amelia (who’s a teacher), enjoying the outdoors at football games, hunting, and fishing. Entertaining friends is a passion of both of them, and together they love putting together great food for their guests.

Harvey & Thomas Smiles

Our Patients. Our Pride & Joy.

Get Started

Your Initial Consultation Is Complimentary

Our team is dedicated to making sure that your first visit is not only comfortable but also fun! It's a great opportunity to learn about the benefits of orthodontics, the variety of treatment options we offer and to spend dedicated time with Dr. Harvey or Dr. Thomas. We love questions, so don't hesitate to ask the doctors or any member of the team! During your initial consultation, we'll gather information and take diagnostic records, including:
  • digital photos
  • digital x-rays, and
  • 3D digital scans
This information is used by Drs. Harvey and Thomas to create a comprehensive analysis and if indicated, a plan for treatment. We'll discuss all the treatment options available to you so that you can choose a treatment option that fits your look and lifestyle.   At Harvey and Thomas Orthodontics, we believe that finances should not get in the way of a great smile. Our goal is to make quality orthodontic care affordable for everyone. We're exclusive providers in the area of Ortho-Fi payment plans; with Ortho-Fi, you'll be able to find an affordable payment plan that's right for you. If you're eligible for orthodontic benefits under your insurance plan, it will be our pleasure to file your insurance electronically with your carrier.   Give us a call; we can't wait to meet you!

Treatment Info

  • Amazing Technology

    Amazing Technology

    Harvey and Thomas Orthodontics is known for using the most technologically advanced diagnostic and treatment tools. But we don’t use technology just to be cool. We invest in technologies that:
    • make the patient experience better
    • make treatment time faster
    • reduce discomfort
    • help us get spectacular results
    In addition to our advanced treatment options, like the Damon System and Invisalign, here are some of the other patient-friendly technologies we offer:  

    Insignia™ Advanced Smile Design™

    The award–winning Insignia Advanced Smile Design allows Drs. Harvey and Thomas to combine treatment strategy with the precision of computer-aided smile design. This patented technology gives every patient an optimal occlusion (bite) and a smile arc specifically proportioned to their unique facial features. Many orthodontists approach treatment with a plan for moving the teeth, and without a plan for how the orthodontic result fits with the individual shape and angles of the face and the arc of the lips. At Harvey and Thomas Orthodontics, we analyze each patient's facial characteristics first, then plan a treatment that will give the best results for both their bite and facial esthetics. The results are natural and perfectly suited to the individual. Smiles from Harvey and Thomas Orthodontics are always recognizable because they make every individual look their best. How does Insignia work? Once we have gathered all the data including scans and photos, we transmit those aloInsigniang with our detailed treatment plan to Insignia's Smile Design Center. With that information, they create digital models and a treatment plan. Drs. Harvey and Thomas then revise the plan on the computer until it is exactly what they want for the patient. The placement of each bracket is then incorporated into a set of templates that are used to place the brackets precisely on the teeth to produce the needed movements. Along with a specific sequence of archwires, the bracket placement ensures that treatment will be accurate and efficient.  

    3- D Cone Beam Scanner

    You’ve heard it said that better information equals better results. We don’t just agree. Wi-cat-FLxHeroe prove it every day. With our cone beam scanner, we’re able to get far more information than with traditional x-rays – and with a fraction of the exposure time of older technologies. Greater safety and more detail give our patients and our doctors a true advantage, We use the incredible detail to create more precise treatment plans that make every aspect of treatment better.  

    Lythos Digital Scanner

    Remember those goopy impressions of your mouth you had to suffer through as a kid? Welythos-smll, if you ever had one – you’d remember it. In our digital treatment environment, there’s an alternative – the Lythos Digital Scanner. With the Lythos scanner, we create a detailed, digital map of your teeth. For us, this means extra accuracy for planning treatment with absolute precision and the anywhere accessibility of digital data. For our patients, it means greater comfort and treatment that is more predictable, which translates into great results in less time than treatment that is without the benefit of this technology. This technology is totally safe, comfortable and fast. This technology is totally safe, comfortable and fast. In less than 15 minutes, we can capture data that is translated into 3-D representation of your dental anatomy.  There's nothing for you to do but relax and open your mouth! No discomfort or stress of holding still for long periods of time. Isn't it nice to know that the best data can be created in the easiest, most comfortable way?
  • Life with Braces

    Life with Braces

    Having braces is much easier than in years past. Drs. Harvey and Thomas have inveLife-with-bracessted in the latest technology and techniques to get great results faster and more comfortably than ever before. THE FIRST FEW DAYS after getting your braces and after wire change appointments there might be some general tenderness of your teeth and mouth. Your teeth might even feel a little loose (after all - they’re on the move). One of the great things about the Damon System is that the brackets and wires don't need to be "tightened", and they are designed to move your teeth gradually into their new positions. You may want to take some form of pain reliever (what you would normally take for a headache) during this time, but the tenderness usually subsides within a few days.  

    Brushing and Flossing

    With orthodontic appliances, including braces, toothbrushing and flossing are slightly different. On the day your appliances are placed we will spend a considerable amount of time teaching you how to brush and floss. Please ask questions about anything you don't understand! Home-Care One of the benefits of Damon braces is that they do not require elastic rings to hold the wires in the brackets, but instead, use "doors" that snap closed over the wire. Studies have shown that this kind of bracket design is easier to clean. Our staff is particularly concerned with good oral hygiene so that when your appliances are removed your smile is spotless!  Here are some tips for keeping things clean:
    • We recommend you use a soft-bristled toothbrush with a small head. Electric and sonic toothbrushes are also acceptable.
    • Brush your teeth after meals and snacks, paying special attention to the gum line and around each bracket.
    • If you eat while away from home, use your interdental (proxi) brush to dislodge any food that may get caught  on or around your braces.
    • Rinsing with water is another way to dislodge food from your braces when you're on the go.
    • Floss your teeth at least once a day. A floss threader comes in handy to thread the floss under the wires and between the teeth.
    • Remember to keep regular dental appointments for cleanings while your appliances are in place! Your orthodontic visits are not a substitute for visits to your dentist!

    Eating with Braces

    You’ve probably heard from friends and family members who have worn braces that you won’t be able to eat some of your favorite foods while you’re in treatment. That’s true - if your favorite food is hard candy:-). The truth is - you can eat most foods as long as you avoid things that would cause you to break a bracket, bend a wire or get caught up in the braces where you are unable to remove it. Here’s a simple, helpful guide to help you avoid any issues: In general, foods that are hard, sticky or chewy can be very damaging to orthodontic appliances. If your appliances are frequently broken, your treatment time mEating-with-Bracesay be extended.

    Foods to AVOID with braces:

    • Chewy foods — bagels, licorice
    • Crunchy foods — popcorn, chips, ice
    • Sticky foods — caramel candies, chewing gum
    • Hard foods — nuts, hard candies
    • Foods you have to bite into — corn on the cob, apples, carrots (cut them into small pieces)

  • Accelerated Treatment

    Accelerated Treatment

    While we're pretty sure that our patients enjoy their time with us, we're also pretty sure that everyone is anxious to enjoy the benefits of a beautiful smile. For those who want their teeth to really be on the fast track, we offer accelerated treatment. With our accelerated treatment option, we can cut the time in treatment up to 50%, whether you're in Damon Braces or Invisalign®!


    In our continuous effort to provide the best in orthodontic treatment for our patients, we are proud to offer PROPEL®, an advanced orthodontic technique that works with your braces or aligners to fast track your orthodontic treatment. This exciting technology allows us to get most patients fiJustPropel_Logonished in about half the usual time. While each patient's treatment varies, many patients can now have their orthodontic treatment completed in a much shorter time! PROPEL® works with your own biology to stimulate the bone surrounding your teeth, helping the teeth to move faster and more predictably into their ideal position so we can reveal your new smile faster and in fewer visits to our office. If you would like to accelerate your orthodontic treatment today, then ask us about PROPEL!  
  • Invisalign

    Invisalign for Adults and Teens

    Looking for a more discreet orthodontic solution? Invisalign might be the perfect way for you or your teen to make a beautiful healthy smile a reality. Invisalign  uses a series of invisible, removable and comfortable aligners that no one can tell you’re wearing. So you can be confident that people will see your smile and not your orthodontic treatment. Invisalign aligners are made with 3-D computer imaging technology and has been proven effective. More than 70% of orthodontists in the US and Canada are certified to treat with Invisalign. Invisalign represents a major advancement in orthodontics, making treatment more appealing to anyone who wants the benefits of a great smile. And it's easy to get started with Invisalign. At Harvey and Thomas Orthodontics, we take a digital scan of your teeth, capturing in great detail your dental anatomy. This scan is painless and fast. We send that along with your photographs and your treatment plan to the manufacturers of Invisalign who create your virtual computerized treatment. That's when a series of aligners is created and shipped to our office. Mobile_Invisalign-Alignersm Each set of aligners is then worn 22 hours a day,  for 1-2 weeks, according to Dr. Harvey's or Dr. Thomas' instructions, before moving to the next set in the series. The aligners can be removed for eating, drinking, brushing and flossing. They're comfortable to wear, and you'll love how they feel and how your teeth look when we're done.
  • Damon Braces

    The Damon System Braces-Metal and Clear Options

    The Damon System of Braces is an amazing way for us to achieve great orthodontic results. The Damon System involves the use of “tie-less” or self-ligating braces with low force archwires to create highly efficient tooth movement. Our practice has been using the Damon System since October 1996, and has treated thousands of cases with outstanding results. Some of the advantages of  the Damon System include:
    • fewer appointments
    • reduced treatment times
    • improved hygiene due to the lack of elastic ties that can trap plaque and bacteria
    • reduced extraction of permanent teeth
    DamonClear_typodont_wLowersWe  also believe using lighter forces with the Damon System reduces the discomfort associated with tooth movement as well as some unwanted tooth movements associated with conventional braces. Damon System braces are available in metal or clear so there is a choice to suit your look and style.
  • Treatment for Kids

    Treatment for KidsNo-Headgear

    While there is no wrong age for orthodontic treatment, Dr. Harvey and Dr. Thomas believe that the best time to have your child evaluated is between the ages of 7 and 9. At this age, the first permanent teeth (molars) have usually come in and issues with the bite, such as cross-bite, crowding and other problems can be evaluated. In some instances, we will recommend early interceptive treatment to address things that, left for a later time, would take more invasive measures. But in most cases, Drs. Harvey and Thomas will recommend waiting until the child's permanent teeth are all in, around age 12. Using the Damon System, has eliminated the need for headgear and resulted in more attractive profiles and facial balance.

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