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Braces puts the smile of your dreams within reach. Having teeth that are properly aligned not only looks great, however. Proper tooth alignment is better for you in the long run as well. Many patients have sought the expertise of Dr. William Harvey to find out if braces will meet their needs. In many cases, patients are great candidates for braces whether they are children or adults. During your orthodontic consultation at our Mobile, AL practice, we’ll tell you if braces are ideal for you. Let’s briefly look at some matters that make people candidates for braces.

Crooked Teeth


One of the most common reasons that people get braces at our Mobile, AL practice is to address issues with crooked or poorly aligned teeth. This may mean teeth that are twisted,  poorly position, crowd each other, or are spaced too far apart. All of these issues can negatively alter the appearance of your smile, and may actually lead to dental heath problems as well.

By getting braces, crooked teeth with be corrected and the spacing between your teeth will be improved. More than that, however, the points of contact between your teeth with be improved as well, which is an important factor that affects the appearance of your smile as well as your overall dental health.

Overbites, Underbites, Cross Bites

In addition to poorly aligned teeth, getting braces can address the overall arch and relative positions of the teeth as well. That includes dealing with these common malocclusion issues:

  • Overbite: The condition in which the upper incisors overlap the lower incisors too much.
  • Underbite: The condition in which the lower incisors overlap the upper incisors too much.
  • Cross Bite: The condition in which a tooth or multiple teeth shift in toward the tongue or out toward the cheeks rather than remaining centered.

These above terms are often colloquially used to describe the relative position of the upper and lower jaw. While that application of those terms is technically incorrect, there are ways of adjusting jaw alignment through the use of braces and orthodontic therapy. At our Mobile, AL practice, we can discuss these matters in more detail.

Other Considerations


We mentioned above that crooked teeth can affect your dental health, and that’s very true. For example, poorly alignment can cause people to grind their teeth at night, a condition known as bruxism. This happens because the jaw cannot find a good resting position where the contacts between teeth are perfect.

Teeth grinding  can cause damage to the teeth and other dental problems. One such problem is known as a TMJ disorder. The clenching, shifting, and grinding of teeth places undue stress and tension on the jaw joint and its surrounding structures. Over time, this can lead to clicking of the jaw, jaw pain, locking of the jaw, and various other kinds of facial or cranial pain.

TMJ disorder and teeth grinding patients throughout Mobile, AL can benefit from braces if their issue is linked to malocclusion. Dr. Harvey will run a comprehensive examination to ensure that your teeth are properly aligned.

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Whether you are an adult or a child, many people are ideal candidates for braces. They will help improve your dental health and enhance the appearance of your smile in the process. To learn more about your many orthodontic treatment options, contact our Mobile, AL practice for braces today. Dr. Harvey and the entire team here look forward to your visit.